Who is Nico Miller?

Nico Miller is a professional artist that focuses most of his pieces within the Abstract Art realm. He infuses Flow into his art as well. If you are curious about what Flow Art exactly is, you can find more about it below:


What is Flow Art?

Flow Art is a new term that is finding its way within the realm of circus, performance, community, and individual day-to-day life practice. The Flow Arts has historical and cultural backgrounds tied to it that provide a connection of what we do in the Flow Arts to what our ancestors were studying. Elements such as dance, artistic expression, prop manipulation, practice, discipline, and other fundamental life skills help shape the basic health and wellness development of The Flow Arts. The Flow Arts promote movement, and movement IS life. To be alive, with oneself, expressing, teaching, learning,  and developing life skills through The Flow Arts is something Nico has tapped into, and wants to spread to the world. A basic description of the Flow Arts is taking a prop (in his  case Poi or Staff), and manipulating that prop via dance or technical/mathematical flow. Allowing the mind to focus on movement within the body creates a form of meditative, “beingness” state, and drives the flow artist deeper in a creative flow. To be in one’s flow, thought is barely existent, somewhat of a “Life-Dance.” Transitions and movement is effortless, time does not exist, and the things that once mattered, no longer do… A state of blissful healing. Inhale. Exhale.

Flow Art is what Nico identifies with his Abstract Art pieces to be. Playing music and dancing, attempting to create flow within the entirety of the piece. Infusing a part of himself with every piece, his buyers will connect uniquely to each one.


Does Nico do Commission artwork?

Currently, yes. To find out more about how commission pieces work for Nico, please follow the link here, and let’s get started. If you have any questions or concerns about Commission work, please reach out to Nico here:


How do I or my business contact Nico Miller?

There are a few ways you can reach out that Nico has made available to his customers. Firstsly, at the bottom of every page, you will find the hours of operation when he will available for inquiry. Next to his hours, you will find his contact email, as well as his Google voice number.

He answers email a lot faster than returning voicemail. The choice is yours, but please know that the option is there if you need to explain finer details over the phone. Texting is okay, but Nico is here to run a business. Please do not place any expectations with instant replies because you sent a text. Nico’s contact policy of up to 72 hours will still be in place. You will absolutely hear from him, so rest assured. If it is urgent, please express so, and Nico will do his best to reach out as quickly as possible.

You can also submit your inquiry here:


Does Nico host an apprecticeship and/or teach?

Nico does not offer instructing or teaching as part of his services. Nico also does not take any apprentice under his wing, however, Nico enjoys creating community and connection through art. If you are local to Utah, please follow Nico’s events page for updates on Art parties, and or public places Nico will be. He is very welcoming and encouraging to any and all artists, and thrives on creative collaborations. Stay tuned for more information.


Is the art on Nico’s website original?

Yes, every single piece depicted on this website, Nico’s Art Corner © 2018, is an original work of Nico Miller, and/or a collaborative project that he has participated in. Any work that has been reproduced either by photocopy, meaning electronically or mechanically manipulated or scanned, is in violation of Nico’s rights, unless notated, and authorized by Nico himself.


Does Nico list his original work for sale?

All artwork listed in Nico’s Art Shop is Original, and of course, for sale. A Certificate of Authenticity (COA) will be included with any and all purchases of his art. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Nico here.


What is Limited Edition Art?

Due to the fact that every piece Nico creates is unique. It is difficult to separate what is “Limited Edition,” and what is not. The main separating factor is this: Periodically, he will post Promos that highlight his “Limited Edition Series” artworks. A “Limited Edition Series” means that each series will be numberd (#1-#10, #1-20, etc). Each piece will be signed, dated, titled, and numbered. Having a “series number” is the only difference for a “Limited Edition Series.”

What happens if the art I receive arrives damaged in Shipping?

First off, Oh No!! Nico apologizes for any and all damage that occurs during shipping. It is out of his control, but there are some things that can be done.

Depending on the extent of the damage, you can return the art piece to him, and he can attempt to repair it, but for most, this sounds tedious, and it very well could be. It truly depends on the situation at hand.

All art will be insured before shipping. If a refund is what you seek, Nico will honor it, but he will need the product back in his hands before the refund is completed. A claim will be filed to the shipping company for any damage loss, but you, the customer, does not need to worry about that process.

If an exchange is something you seek, he will honor this as well, but the value of the previously purchased piece has to match the exchange, unless you are wanting to pay the difference for a more expensive piece.

*No artwork less than the value of the original purchase will qualify for exchange.*

Thank you for your understanding.


How to Care For and Conserve your Nico’s Art Corner pieces:

All of Nico’s work will be sealed with either a matte, semi-gloss, or gloss varnish. This means that smoke, water, dirt, and dust will not penetrate and damage the painting itself. However, dust and ultraviolet light is always a factor in diminishing color for pieces. He does recommend that you go out and buy a thin, wide paint brush and “dry-brush” your piece. The synthetic bristles will not generate static, so dust will not cling to them, nor will it smear the dust around. Gentle brushing up and down, or side to side is all you will need to do. If you want to seek further instruction, please reach out to Nico, he is more than willing to help assist you making sure dust doesn’t linger.

Ultimately, get a glass frame if you want to conserve your painting for its longevity and protection.


Should I frame my art?

Nico’s style implements his own framing techniques that are painted on for aesthetic and artistic purposes. This style of art does not ensure the safety of the art, but sharpens how you perceive your art piece. A frame is not necessary if you are content with how the framing works. However, if you are someone that enjoys how a shadow box looks, a glass frame protects, etc etc, who is Nico to stop you? Framing art is important to not only the conservation of art pieces, but also the aesthetics of them.


What are other mediums Nico works with?

Nico has worked with Watercolor, Oil, Pastels. He has experimented with painting plants, clay, tile, and wood.


What does Collaborative Art mean?

Basically, working with other artists to create something larger than themselves. Most, if not all collaborative work will be showcased in Nico’s Projects section found here:


Does my international shipping rate include customs fees, tariffs, or taxes?

It does not, for now. When a painting needs to be shipped outside the US, extra fees may apply. Please understand and prepare for these fees to take place. Thank you for understanding. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Nico at any time.