Commission Work

Nico enjoys working with Customers on a more personal level, and all commission works present challenges, naturally. Paying for a piece of art specific to the customer’s desires can become taxing for an artist, as well as the customer. For this reason, before you, the customer, decide to work with him on a Commission piece, there needs to be a mutual understanding of the ground rules:


  1. All Commission work will be discussed beforehand, such as size of canvas, border design, and paint color options.
  2. Nico asks for the buyer to choose 2 paint colors they would like integrated into the piece.
  3. He also asks his buyers to choose a genre of music, or favorite artist to go along with the piece (He will make a musical playlist and provide said playlist to the buyer for an even more connected experience).
  4. Framing options will be offered: White border, Wooden border, Themed border, Combo border
  5. Payment Deposit is required up front (Commission work begins at a minimum of $50.00)
  6. Buyers agree to a 14 day MINIMUM policy in order to complete each piece, not including shipping days.
  7. All commission works will be shared before being shipped to ensure satisfaction of buyers.
  8. If the buyer is unsatisfied with the work, not only will a refund will be allowed, but the painting created will be listed on “Nico’s Art Shop,” no exceptions. *This will be a situational issue, and as always, Nico will do everything he can to make sure the buyer is happy.*

Agreeing to these terms indicates you are ready to begin working with Nico on your artwork! Please be patient with him, as he works hard to create a new, wonderful piece of art for your home or business. He will maintain contact throughout the process, and encourages reaching out to him at any time if you have any questions or concerns along the way.

Thank you for considering Nico to work with you on your very own unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art. Please contact him here, it’s time to get painting!