Hey, Hello! My name is Nico Miller, and before I get started… Thank you again so much for taking time out of your day to come hang out with me here.

So I won’t be able to share my complete life story with you all, I know, boo! Hah! But I want to share the details that led me to where I am now, typing on this keyboard…

Based in Salt Lake City, UT, I grew up always diving into projects with my hands. In fact, I started getting into Technical Theatre in 7th grade, messing around with Set Design, Lighting and Sound design, and Carpentry. Photography found its way into my life early on as well. My grandfather gave me my first camera, and I haven’t stopped taking time out of my day to view the world differently since.

The Culinary Arts have been a passion of mine for nearly a decade now. And for the record, I don’t measure, nor do I write down recipes… haha, I never have. I always tell myself that writing these recipes down will serve a purpose later on. Oh well… On paint party nights, you’ll get a sample of my cooking. One thing I love about paint party nights is that I know some damn good cooks! Always good food, happy hearts, and beautiful company. Food creates some of the best memories, wouldn’t you agree?

I have fallen into a new form of art over the past little bit of my life. The Movement Arts. Dance is a great example. What I have stepped into is known as The Flow Arts. Taking historical cultural “props” and manipulating them through expression and movement. I spin Poi mainly. Poi comes from New Zealand, and the history behind Poi is incredibly fascinating! I have been spinning poi since 2011, and I am currently an instructor of the Flow Arts here in Utah, USA.

I recently graduated from Utah College of Massage Therapy (UCMT), and have tapped into this Movement Art as well. “Dancing” across the body and finding my flow, connecting to humans and helping them heal. I love being a Bodyworker, and I love helping humans find healing in their lives. It has been incredibly rewarding.

And finally, this. My canvas art… Oh man, my art. Of course, I am the artist. I am supposed to be biased about it, right? This abstract nonsense that I depict is so much fun, and also in the realm of what I consider Movement Arts. My life is centered around Flow; existing in a flow-state is my goal. I dance with my canvas art as well. I move as I do when I spin, or when I massage. I connect to the canvas, just as I connect to my poi, or my clients. I focus most of my time utilizing acrylic paint, but I am always experimenting with other mediums to see what I enjoy.

I encourage you, the viewers to look out for the flow movement. Have fun with your imagination. Create your own story of my movements. To define is to limit, so.. where did I begin? Where did I end? How did my options create limitation?

Well, that’s about it, about me, about my art-life!