The Beginnings of something Unknown:

How to even begin this… It was years ago when I first started figuring out that Painting was what I wanted to do. I messed around with stuff in my friend’s basement way back in 2013. No idea what I was doing whatsoever, I soon found that I was self-teaching myself about art and what it meant to be an artist. It intrigued me so much! What spoke to me was that I had to do more, I had to find more, I had to be more… And so I did. I pursued the realm of art, and was confused. What I was walking into that every artist walks into is the struggle of being an artist. It had nothing to do with a specific medium of art, yet, it did at the same time. It didn’t matter that I was painting. I could have just as well as explored photography, music, writing, and the struggle of finding myself as an artist would remain the same. So what does an artist struggle with?

For one, style, right? Style is major for any artist, even if you are starting out, creating for fun, an enthusiast, or moving into art as a career.  Style is what is unique to the artist, not just the art that is being created. Because competition is a natural component of sales, competition becomes a factor Yet, it was all too similar. Like layers, I found myself associating these different aspects of my life, and integrating them into what I call “Flow Art.” The art of Dance and music, expression, abstract and structure… It all blends, and I had no idea what I was discovering. But I knew I had fallen in love. I am still learning to this day about how deep art takes me. There are limits within structure, but the structure I apply (frames) is limitless. The amount of color options are limited, yet, through dance and expression, there is limitless emotional connection. It is deep, this thing I have found. And I am along for the ride through the unknown, having a blast!